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Business Computer Solutions
We offer a variety of solutions for your business, from Remote
Support to Managed Computer Repair Services.

Business Computer Repair Services

Computer Management and Support:

Whether you need business computer repair services or a comprehensive review of your computer systems at your business we offer solutions to manage your business computer needs.

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Computer Backup and Cloud Services:

Your computer network is the foundation of your computers in your business. We will make sure that your computers network infrastructure is always in top shape so your business can run smoother.

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Business Computer and Laptop Services:

We are here for you when your business computers run into a problem and need immediate assistance. We have the tools and expertise to help you and all your businesses computer repair needs.

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Computer Repair Guru’s

We offer a wide variety of business computer repair and IT services for small and medium size businesses all over Broward and South Florida. Our team of experts will evaluate your business computer needs and customize a cost effective solution. We are available for onsite and remote support to take care of your computer repair needs at your convenience so you can focus on managing your business.

About Us

"PC Xperts of South Florida is an extremely reliable company that has always supported all three of my businesses computers all around South Florida. The best recommendation that I can give them is that we have used them for over 15 years!!"

Americas Property Management - South Florida - Cheche Littmann, President

"PC Xperts of South Florida, Inc. has maintained and upgraded our complex IT network infrastructure and has provided incredible computer repair solutions of over 13 servers (Physical and Virtual). They also provide computer repair support for four satellite offices all over South Florida and around the USA for the last 12 years. I have received the highest level of competence in computer services with complete professionalism in all business arrangements. Highly recommend them."

Relli Technology Inc - South Florida - Lorena Clark, CFO

"PC Xperts of South Florida has carefully managed the growth of our computer infrastructure to meet our increasingly complex computer demands. They have managed all of our virtual and physical servers with no downtime at all and have maintained all of our workstations and infrastructure for the last 5 years all around South Florida, Port St. Lucie and Baton Rouge. Keep up the good job."

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner - South Florida - Richard Sawick, CFO

"My relationship with Raul Adan and his company PC Xperts of South Florida extends to over 10 years now.  He and his staff excel in what they do and are of the highest character rarely found in today's business environment.  PC Xperts acts as my IT department here in Broward and they respond on a timely basis, and are always about cost control.  It would be difficult to replace them."

Ciporkin Care Financial - Broward - Lorry Ciporkin, CEO
Computer Tips for Business Professionals

Computer Tip 1

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert: Will copy the highlighted items.

Computer Tip 2

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl +V or Shift + Insert: Will paste the items last copied.

Computer Tip 3

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + F: Opens the Find dialog to search for information on your current page.

Computer Tip 4

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + P: Will bring the print page window up for you to print the document.

Computer Tip 5

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + Y: It will undo previous changes. Ex. If you erase a paragraph accidentally, these shortcuts will bring it back.

Computer Tip 6

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcut: Windows Key + D: Show the desktop

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