10 Tips Before Going to a Computer Repair Shop

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10 Tips Before Going to a Computer Repair Shop

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10 Tips Before Going to a Computer Repair Shop

These are 10 tips everyone should know before going to a computer repair shop.  Unfortunately things like having your computer wiped out clean without having a backup is something that happens every day.  Make sure you protect your files, look up reviews and much more before going to a computer repair shop.

1. Costs Involved

There are many different costs that can be involved in computer repair, from hourly costs to set prices.  Make sure to look at the computer repair company’s website that you plan on visiting and do research on competitor’s costs.  It’s not always the best to go with the cheapest company you must look at the big picture.

2. Backup if Needed

Computer repair companies are notorious for putting customer’s computers back to factory default.  This means wiping out everything and reinstalling Windows.  Although this is the best and easiest way to fix a computer filled with viruses make sure you or the techs have a valid backup of all your data and your Windows activation key.  Keep in mind programs cannot be backed up, only data.

3. Time Without Computer

How long can you really afford to be without your computer?  Computer repair can sometimes take a couple days depending on the problem and how busy the computer repair company is.  If you can be without your computer for 4 days then make sure to tell the computer repair company you need it back in 2-3 days so there is some time for a worst case scenario.

4. Anti Virus

Anti-Virus is one of those things that you cannot be without.  Whether you are a computer professional or a newbie, without anti-virus software you will find out quick that you will be spending a lot of time at the local computer repair shop. Whether it’s free or a paid anti-virus make sure that your computer doesn’t leave the computer repair shop without one and only one being installed as more than one can cause large conflicts.

5. Reviews

Make sure to find out what others have to say about the computer repair company you are going to.  Almost all computer repair companies now are listed in Google and Facebook which both offer a place to leave reviews of the company.  Check out these outlets to make sure the reviews are good and that they have above 3 or 4 stars.

6. Years in Business & Education

When you see computer repair companies that have been in business over 5 years, over 10 years and even some over 20 or 30 years you know that they are doing something right and have years of experience.  Usually computer repair companies like these also have many certifications they have acquired throughout the years.  Make sure to ask your computer repair shop about their employee’s education and certifications.

7. Can it be Fixed Off Site

Many times your computer can be fixed by having a person from the computer repair shop remote into your computer and fix the issue without you even having to leave the house.  The costs involved are usually a bit lower with a remote login than taking your computer to the computer repair shop.

8. Explain What’s Wrong

A good computer repair shop will be able to translate user problems to computer terms.  For ex. something I might hear is “My mouse is jumping all over the place.”  Now I know that the physical mouse didn’t grow legs and jump, I translate this to the cursor is moving on its own and the problem might either be the mouse sensitivity is too high or a battery needs to be replaced.  Ask the tech to repeat to you what the exact problem is before they begin to fix your computer.

9. Make Computer Accessible

With passwords on everything from banking info to computer login you don’t always want to give out your password especially if it’s the same for many things.  If your email is not working and you don’t want to give out this password make sure before you drop off your computer you either remove your computer password or change it.  You should also change your email password temporarily and give this info to the computer repair techs if there is an email problem.

10. Protect Sensitive Files

There might be files on your computer that you do not want anyone to see or be able to take off your computer.  An ethical computer repair shop will never browse your files and folders for pleasure but unfortunately not every computer repair shop is ethical.  You will never know who will be working on your computer and if they like to snoop.  Make sure you encrypt your files that you do not want to be seen before taking your computer to the computer repair shop.

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