Computer Tips

Computer Tips

Here are some handy tips and shortcuts that will help enhance your productivity on the computer.

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Steps Recorder:

If you are having an issue with an application on your computer and you are able to recreate the steps to duplicate the error, you can use Microsoft built-in “Steps Recorder”. The file created can be sent to us for troubleshooting.


Search for “PSR”

Click on the “Start Menu” button and type “PSR” in the input field, where the cursor is blinking.

Open “PSR”

Once the computer finds the program PSR, Click on “PSR” to run the program.

Start/Stop Recording

Click on “Start Record” and go through the steps to reproduce the problem. You can pause it and resume at any time. Click on “Stop Record” once done.

Save/Send Recording

In the “Save As” dialog box, type a name for the file and click on “Save”. The file will be saved with the .zip file name extension. Once saved, email the file to us for troubleshooting at .

Keyboard shortcuts:

Here are some Keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your work on the computer

Computer Tips 1

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert: Will copy the highlighted items.

Computer Tips 2

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl +V or Shift + Insert: Will paste the items last copied.

Computer Tips 3

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + F: Opens the Find dialog to search for information on your current page.

Computer Tips 4

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + P: Will bring the print page window up for you to print the document.

Computer Tips 5

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + Y: It will undo previous changes. Ex. If you erase a paragraph accidentally, these shortcuts will bring it back.

Computer Tips 6

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcut: Windows Key + D: Show the desktop

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts:

Here are some keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 users.

Quick Tip 1

Windows Key + D: Show the desktop

Quick Tip 2

Windows key + C: Opens the Charms Menu

Quick Tip 3

Windows Key + Q: Opens the search window so that you can search for installed applications

Quick Tip 4

Windows Key + L: Lock PC and go to the lock screen

Quick Tip 5

Windows Key + E: Opens Windows Explorer Window.

Sticky Notes:

You can use Sticky Notes to write up a to-do list and keep them handy on your desktop.


Search for “Sticky Notes”

Click on the Start Menu button and in the search box, type Sticky Notes.

Open “Sticky Notes”

Once the computer finds the program Sticky Notes, Click on “Sticky Notes” to run the program.

Changing Colors

You can change the colors of the sticky notes by right clicking on the note and selecting any of the colors shown.

Open Windows side to side:

When you don’t have two screens or monitors and you want to view two windows side by side, you can use the Windows + Left or Windows + Right arrow keys on the respective windows to fill up exactly one half of your screen.

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Change font size in your browser:

Sometimes while browsing the internet, you find that the content is hard to read. You can change the font size by pressing the CTRL key (on either side of keyboard) and the Minus (or Plus) key simultaneously to reduce (or enlarge) the screen.

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How to compress files:

Sometimes you want to send a bunch of pictures or files to someone. Open folder location, select a collection of files that you want to compress, right click on the selection, click on “Send to” and in the drop down menu select “Compressed (zipped) Folder”.

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Disk clean-up utility:

Is your computer out of memory? or running a bit slow? Heres how to fix that issue.


Search for “Disk Cleanup”

Click on the Start Menu button and in the search box, type “Disk Cleanup“.

Open “Disk Cleanup”

Once the computer finds the program Disk Cleanup, Click on “Disk Cleanup” to run the program.

Delete Unused Files

After the program stops scanning. It will give you a list of files that you are safe to delete. Select the ones you want to get rid of and click “ok”.

Video Tips:

Here are a few video walkthroughs of some common tips.