Should I Outsource My IT Department

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A very common question I get from medium to large businesses is whether they should outsource their IT department. It is a good question with a relatively easy answer of yes. I will demonstrate the pros and cons to outsourcing your IT department below but do realize that I personally cannot find too many cons to this although I will be as fair and straight forward as possible to the down sides. I personally feel that every company should outsource their IT department.

Pros To Outsource Your IT Department


Outsourcing your IT department is almost always a win when it comes to costs. This is because you can either work out a monthly deal or an hourly deal depending on what your company needs. This also eliminates the costs of turnover, training, hiring and downtime fees. Unless you have a very large business you probably do not need a full time employee and if you do below I will go over more reasons as to why you would still want to outsource your IT department.

Convenience and Reliability

It is much more convenient to be able to call a company that knows the people who work for you and knows your company’s IT infrastructure inside and out. When hiring a company they only have to be trained once. The company is responsible for training multiple employees to understand your needs. When you have one full time employee and he calls out sick that means that if your server goes down you have to wait until he’s feeling better to fix it. When outsourcing your IT Department and an employee is sick the IT Company is responsible for making sure a trained employee will always be around to handle your personal company’s issues.


Computer security is becoming one of the nation’s biggest threats from small businesses all the way up to large computer infrastructures. The attackers range from 13 year old prodigies to obsessed competitors. Did you know that the most devastating and successful attacks almost always stem from an inside source? This can be because of a disgruntled employee, employee interested in embezzling or just for fun. With only one person guarding all of your computers and private info you have all of your eggs in one basket. When using multiple people to view your security and view your structure the likelihood of an inside attack is greatly diminished.

Large Amounts of Expertise

One of the best aspects to outsource your IT Company comes with the many people who will be at your disposal to fix an issue. For ex. I am very knowledgeable on removing viruses and security issues overall and not too knowledgeable with excel programming. While my colleague is very knowledgeable with excel he does not know the ins and outs of security like I do. In this case if a company needs an excel wizard and I am at the company I can easily phone a lifeline (my colleague) and he can remote in and fix the clients problem instantly. Although you get many more years of expertise by having more than 1 employee at your disposal, you don’t get the costs of having more than one employee.

Familiarity with the Company

As mentioned before if the company you hire to do your IT work is a good company they will train multiple people to understand your infrastructure. This means that no matter who walks in the door to fix your computer, they know Jane is at reception with a HP and that in the back of the room to the left is the server room… Also with a proper IT company they can easily see that there colleague was there a week ago to fix an internet issue so when the technician walks in he is already up to speed on all the issues that have happened in the past because of his company’s database.

Cons To Outsource Your IT Department

As mentioned before, finding cons to outsource your IT department is really hard. From cost to security to reliability, all these favor going towards outsourcing your IT department. Below are the 2 biggest and quite frankly only cons I see to outsource your IT Company.

No Ability to Pick Who Works On Your Computers

Many of the times when you outsource your IT company this means that the company who holds the employees is the one to decide which employee goes to your company. If you do not like the employee you can usually request another employee to work at your company. Sometimes this is not an option and either you have to let that employee work at your company or get another company to do your IT work.

Limited Control of Outsourced IT Department

This again goes to no ability to pick and choose who works on your computers. But it also inflicts on small things such as stock inventory. Who is in charge of keeping track of every computer and how reliable and trained are they. How nice are these people? Do you trust these people working on your company’s computers? These are definitely questions that should be asked and always make sure to do a thorough review of any company you hire to work on your companies computers.

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